On The Record

The Hacks are a three piece hailing from the South West of England, formed last year and producing some heavily 50's and 60's inspired punk and roll music. "On Record With...The Hacks" is their debut EP showcasing their punkabilly sound, which starts off enjoyable enough with opener 'I'll See You Right' but by the time the seventh and final track, 'Not Coming Back', arrives that sound gets to feel a bit tired.

For the first few tracks the EP shows the boys for all their glory, fast paced, foot tapping, head bobbing and good fun. Sadly the song formats only have very small deviations in style and despite the quality musicianship and great vocals from Tommy Murdock the end does not come soon enough.

For a band that has been going for only a year, this debut is pretty impressive and shows there is potential for the future, maybe seven tracks are just two too many.