Dreamy summer pop

New-York based singer songwriter Lana Mir writes pop songs so laid back they are almost asleep; verging on easy listening at times and with a dreamy, half whispered vocal style. She does mix in a few different styles but it's all so incredibly low-key that the differences are sometimes hard to spot. The tunes often blend together into a background hum, but you can say that they are sultry and warm with a slight Jazz undertone on occasion.

The easy listening tone continues throughout the record, perhaps it could be described as almost 60s pop in style at times, but there is definitely a modern edge to the tunes that stops them being retro. It would be great to have a bit more variety on occasion as the record does start to feel a bit repetitive quite early on and never deviates. 'To Be Wrong' starts with a promising riff but quickly returns to the gentle tone and session backing track that seems to accompany all the tracks. Lana's vocals are pleasant, quite dreamy and very light and husky but not particularly unusual or memorable apart from on the 60s sounding 'Summertime' when they are a bit more varied and you are allowed a glimpse of Lana's range, if only more of the tracks were like this.

The most interesting track on the album is 'I Wanna Be Adored' a Stone Roses cover which sounds strangely like a muted version of the original (as if heard through ear plugs) but it only piques your interest because it sounds different from the rest and has a catchier tune.

A very low-key affair with jazz undertones but ultimately this record has the feel of a session band with quite nice female vocals over the top; too samey to be very enjoyable and so gentle it may send you to sleep.