Exogeneous Metal

There is always that moment before you hear a new CD from a band you have never heard and have no idea what to expect. This was one of those moments; and I got a hell of a lot more than I bargained for.

From the onset with heavy double pedalling and thumping bass, accompanied by a howl from hell, which seems to last forever; 'In Vivo' kicks the EP off at 5million bpm. Think Mnemic, 5FDP, KSE with a twist of SOAD at times. We venture across the various sub genres of metal generated by combining different influences and aspects; and compressing it.

The vocals on 'The Human Condition' bounces between SOAD, Korn, 5FDP and even (sorry guys) A7X. The continuous disregard for subgenre classification keeps you on your toes; and this is what I like about these guys. Listen to it and try to pigeon hole them into one of the way too many sub-genres that have been developed across the mighty metal genre. They race rapidly and randomly between Deathmetal, Metalcore, Progressive Metal, Thrash Metal and Traditional Metal like a bunch of possessed, rabies infected beasts.

'Aftermath' has a strong Tool feel to it; and again this is mainly due to the changes within the song. This along with the cover artwork and minimalist design reminds me of the time when I picked AEnima up for the first time.

This was a very enjoyable blast from this Somerset based band, which was only established in 2009! Watch this space; these guys will carve new ravines into the metal groove, dragging all the subgenres with them.