Post post grunge

It's been a couple of years since the release of "Scatter the Crow" and I've been looking forward to the new release since I heard that one of Britain's most promising grunge acts, Slaves to Gravity, was recording again.

However, from the onset 'Honesty' has a more pop sound than what we're used to. Make no mistake, all the boxes are ticked with a catchy tune and chorus, but there is none of Slaves to Gravity's original grunge sound that we've all come to love so much.

We are talking about an award winning band in 2008 that was compared with Pearl Jam and Soundgarden on their previous album, "Scatter the Crow". However, all I hear on 'Honesty' is a clean sounding, more Foo Fighters edged, radio friendly rock song, verging into the realms of pop-rock. Production is perfect, maybe even a bit too perfect without any of the fuzzy grunge sound.

STG is a very talented rock band, so let's hope their new album "Underwaterouterspace", due for release next week on the 27th September, will contain more rock and grunge and less pop-rock.

Slaves to Gravity will embark on a nationwide tour from the 26th September as main support to Lacuna Coil.