0-60 in five seconds but can't maintain the speed

"The Great Unknown" is the fourth studio album by Scottish rockers, Logan; and opens up with the title track, starting as groovy slow rock song, picking up halfway through. I am a bit concerned that the rest of the album will require a bit more to keep us entertained; and when 'Rock'n'Roll Way' kicks in, vocalist, Kenny Collins, have adapted a more nasal sound which is frankly grinding my inner ear. 'When I get down' starts off as another slow, rock ballad with harmonising vocals. It picks the beat up, but although there are some fret-burning riffs, I fail to get into this band. Sounding sometimes a little like Eddy Vedder with a nasal cold, Kenny Collins continue on through the album. 'Jump in Again' is filled with stadium filling riffs, but I think we have had enough of this radio-friendly rock in the eighties. Frankly I feel that Logan has nothing new and original to offer the listener.

It is finally with 'Hallowed Ground' that things kick off and sound more promising. When Kenny's vocals kicks in, he has left the annoying nasal sounding Vedder behind. This is a great track and it works well; and is by far my favourite track on the album. Since 'Hallowed Ground' turned it around a little bit for me, 'Brother', sounds a lot easier on the ear. Logan may have grown a little on me and this is sounding great, reminding me a bit of Live back in the early nineties; complimented by great guitar riffs and a strong rhythm.

Sadly, by the time 'Brother' is finished, my short lived enjoyment is worn out and 'Lost and Found' fails to maintain my interest in Logan. 'Spin the Wheel' follows the same trend set throughout the album, with a strong intro, but failing to maintain the interest. It is filled with solid riffs and great work on the skins, but somehow fails to deliver the oomph expected. This is a constant problem throughout the album. The songs kick off with a great expectation, but by the time the second verse starts it is all but lost. I can't quite put my finger on it as the guitar works are awesome, the drums and rhythm sections are solid and the vocals are good, but Logan fails to keep me interested.