A melodic beast

"Self Preserved While The Bodies Float Up" is their first album in three years, and it's been well worth the wait. Previous record "Fames" was all about epic, tooth rattling noise and blasts of power. This new record feels more focussed, more controlled, and whilst they retain their love of awkward time signatures and epic guitars and there are still many heavy moments to be had, overall the sound is more immediate and melodic.

Opener, 'Part Cardiac', is one of the heavier tracks, with slow, doom laden guitar and feedback squeals, the sound is meaty and really big, but the melody is fantastic, making this an instantly memorable track and a great way to start. 'SuperImposer' has a real prog feel, lighter and very tuneful, slightly trickier time signatures and the guitars sparkle. 'Build Us A Rocket Then' combines heavier riffs and a faster beat, the vocals are a croon floating over the awkward, jagged rhythms and again a great melody brings everything together. 'Oscar Acceptance Speech' is beautiful, at almost 9 minutes it builds slowly adding texture and layers of noise over the initial gentle vocal and piano twinkles. Brilliant. Also of note, although there aren't any low points on the record, are: 'Silent/Transparent', another slow, gentle builder with a gorgeous blast of guitar at the end and 'It's My Tail And I'll Chase It If I Want To' a huge tune with a fantastic melodic heart.

Oceansize remind us of just how good they are on this excellent new full length, impressing with a combination of a more controlled approach with lovely, sometimes really catchy melodies and the occasional moment of release with washes of noise from those untameable guitars.