A real gem.

Gabby Young has a beautifully sultry voice, and while it is a focal point it is not the only thing that is worth listening to on this great record. From the start you are treated to varied instrumentation, well-crafted song structures and lovely melodies, making it a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

The album starts on a strong note with the dreamy, soulful 'Umm...' where Gabby shows off her huge vocal range and we are kept busy digesting all the layers of brass and strings that back her so effectively. The album continues on this path throughout, the brass is fantastic, adding greatly to the atmosphere, a really theatrical feel pervades and it also allows some tracks to take on an almost 'show-tune' feel, stylised and very cool, as in 'Ones That Got Away'.

Not all the songs here are theatrical and showy however, sometimes Gabby strips things back a touch, title track 'We're All In This Together' is more gentle and considered, Accordion sings plaintively in the background and Bass, Banjo and Brass add texture. The whole package works, however many new sounds are thrown in, and there are always more to be discovered on each listen.

Some really wonderful songs from Gabby Young on this new record; a real mix of Jazz, folk and theatrical show tunes (and a whole lot more), 'burlesque' is a word that seems to be mentioned in conjunction with this record a lot and it fits very well, perhaps the sound is something like a jazzy folk band playing at a fairground, but whatever it may be it's so cohesive and enjoyable that you want to keep coming back for more. A real gem.