Epic prog rock blended with groove metal

Core Project is a Progressive Rock/Metal band based in London. "Singularities Part 1" was recorded with previous vocalist, Dan Jones, but Dom Giles has since been added to the line up to carry out the vocal duties. He debuted for the Core Project when they played Bloodstock festival earlier this year.

The EP, and I use this term loosely due to the length of the songs, was recorded at Tower Mansion Studios in London, and the production is absolutely perfect for a Progressive Rock band. The mixing (Blonx Pitt) was obviously carried out with full understanding of what the band was about and what they wanted to carry over to their fans.

All the tracks exceed the radio friendly 3 minute barrier in true progressive rock fashion, but it doesn't end there. This is not just your average Floyd or Opeth influenced rockers. Core Project delivered a solid blend of progrock, experimental and tradmetal, making this an unique sounding and very enjoyable EP.

'Enter the Crypt' kicks the EP off with squealing and chugging guitars with some serious air-guitar solo's. Vocally they remind me of Iron Maiden but musically you hear everything from Pantera to Tool from Jethro Tull to Opeth. This is very noticeable in the second track, 'The Fall'. The epic 14 minute track blends the experimental and progressive sound with some heavy groove metal laden with some great growls. Midway through the beat picks up and the mosh pit will offer some circle pit potential; only to return to an easy, headbanging groove. '25 Years' is again filled with groovy guitars, double peddling drums and beautiful vocals creating an epic progressive rock track blended with some electro, psychedelic rock and groove metal for good measure.

The EP closes with the ever changing 'Narcissus' to complete Singularities Part 1. Core Project is currently recording their second album and I am really looking forward to hearing how the new vocalist will contribute to their sound.