Indie pop debut single

Welcome to the mismatched yet wonderfully catchy debut single from London's 2000 Fast Women. Combining classical training and an education rooted in pirate radio, multi-instrumentalist Joel Hartman and vocalist Sam Frizzle have pooled their collective resources to create a simple yet infectious pop rock track.

"Letters From Vienna" lays out a familiar scenario of relationship paranoia and tells it's story with touches of hip hop and indie rock tinged with an 80s vibe that gives it a poppy retro feel. With an irresistible chorus and addictive hook it won't be long before you catch yourself singing along.

This is a confident release for a debut act and is worthy of a load of attention. It oozes quality and is fun and infectious. "Letters From Vienna" will prove to be a real crossover song that will appeal to a wide range of listeners so keep an eye on this pair, they're a group to watch.