Dreamy electro-indie

"Cut(s)" is a lovely record of dreamy, chilled out tunes. The five tracks on the EP are electro edged indie with a backbone of strings (generally cello) and soft vocals. The tracks all seem to use a drum machine but there are other little quirky noises in the background. Opener 'For Us, For Me' has plucked strings, drum machine and cello, as well as a nicely understated vocal delivery, the tone is thoughtful, slightly melancholic somewhere between Radiohead and Antony and the Johnsons...perhaps. It could almost be one of those tracks that appears on those chill out compilation albums but that really does the EP a disservice as it's far better than that.

'I Am Home' has a great melody, again, it's a very gentle track and atmospheric, the cello adding emotion and richness, this tune is more reminiscent of Radiohead than the first because of the vocal delivery, but it doesn't suffer from this. A piano melody with a melancholic tone at the start of 'Teenage Eyes' is balanced by electro whirring and bass, once the cello kicks in it comes together. Closer 'There's Still Room For Love' brings together piano, and strings at the start then little crackles and pulses later on, an oh so dreamy end to the record.

A lovely EP to sit down and relax to; electro quirkiness balanced by warm instrumentation and gentle but effective vocals.