A blend of sounds

Moneytree are a band in that interesting position of clearly being able to pen a strong track that borders on commercial alt rock; but can also bring together a mix of intricate beats and jittery melodies that will warm the hearts of indie fans everywhere.

After opening the EP with one of those intricate indie tracks they quickly move on to 'Medicineland', smooth with hidden depth, this is one that will have broad appeal. The tempo is lightened with 'Seven Steps' with its subtle sounds building through the bright verses into powerful guitars and passionate vocals, lifting your attention as it goes; before they fall into the more stereotypical Brit indie pop. 'Song For Brothers' absolutely nails it, the twisting turning melodies controlled and the vocals piercing through the appealing clutter.

'The Gamble of Science' ties back melodically to the opening track, but where opener 'The Science of Gambling' successfully combined varied beats and melodies, 'The Gamble of Science' misses the mark slightly and is too intricate resulting in a slightly jarring song.

'World of Autumn' brings layered harmonies that float over your consciousness. Moneytree have really captured that muted feel of the autumn season, things getting quieter and peaceful as the world gets ready for winter. It's exactly the right song to listen to as you wander through a park with the falling leaves around you on a crisp clear day.

Final track 'Grave and Aloof' shows a different side of the band. Much leaner and angrier its screeched verses with minimal melody contrast roughly with the smooth, layered choruses. Finishing with a discordant blast of sound the song and EP leaves you slightly on edge.