The Engines Of Armageddon Obelisk demo

Not merely a band, Nottingham trio The Engines Of Armageddon are, at least according to their website, a "Radical vigilante network dedicated to the freedom of mankind from the clutches of hierarchical slavery". Fair enough.

The band describe themselves as, amongst other things, thrash/power/doom/groove metal and, whilst not particularly succinct, this is an accurate enough description. Clearly not afraid to experiment with different styles, Engines sound in places not unlike Mastodon and Electric Wizard sharing a spliff with Down. That said, The Engines of Armageddon have enough of their own style that any comparisons only serve to give a rough indication of the band's sound.

The three hefty tracks on the "Obelisk" ep are all taken from the band's forthcoming second album and, judging by the quality of these compositions, The Engines Of Armageddon are a band to keep a close eye on. My one criticism is the production; It's a little on the muddy side, which makes it difficult to hear everything that's going on, and singer/drummer Bill Fisher's vocals sound like he's singing from the bottom of a well. This is a minor niggle though, and shouldn't deter anyone from checking out the proggy, doom-laden, stoner rock sounds (etc) that The Engines Of Armageddon are creating.