A brilliant new single

If there was any doubting the direction in which Scottish musicians The Xcerts were heading with their debut album 'In The Cold Wind We Smile', then 'Young (Belane)', the new single taken from the band's second release "Scatterbrain" will have their rock offerings permanently cemented into your memory.

Each time an artist releases a new album, no matter the genre, something should grow, the sound, the lyrics and the development of the vocals. This new single is the perfect introductory release to promote the new sound that the lads have mastered. It generates an angrier sound, a tougher atmosphere and has something more menacing while still retaining the pop sensibilities their debut will be remembered for. This track in particular is a punchy, thunderous and incredibly catchy song with some stunning vocals contributing to make it such an enjoyment to listen to.

If this single is anything to go by, the album looks set to be a stunning addition to the music industry.