A very powerful debut offering

British India first made their way into the music industry in their hometown of Melbourne, Australia back in 2007. Having released several albums back home, the lads are releasing their debut material here in the UK in the form of four tracks on an EP titled 'Vanilla', the songs of which are taken from the bands most recent album 'Avalanche'. These four school friends have certainly made a name for themselves back home and are set to do the same here in the UK. Packed with rock and roll and a tinge of pop, singer Declan Melia and his band create four wonderful songs.

The opener is the Ep's title track 'Vanilla'. Don't be fooled by the slow moving start of the song as this will only remain for a short period until the tune really kicks in. Guitar riffs will thunder loudly, drums will crash and the vocals soar. As the track progresses the balance between the softer moments and those much louder and more powerful are blended to a point where the listener can appreciate all elements.

The second track is the less than two minute offering 'Safari'. The atmosphere is electric with the rumbling of guitars and the mystery of the vocals and is followed by the explosion of the word 'SARAFI'. '90 Ways To Leave Your Lover' is the Ep's finest tune. Although it opens with a pointless spoken segment that is gradually surrounded by and then drowned out by music, the tune is really punchy and has all the right musical attributes to make a listener want to get involved; jump, bop your shoulders or tap toes, whatever your personal preference is. The closing tune is 'Because of You', and with its powerful, eager, passionate and enthusiastic melodies and vocals, it concludes the Ep wonderfully.

British India will surely make quite an impact with this release and we can't wait to hear more.