Hardcore from Grimsby

The five piece hardcore band from Grimsby, provides the listener with a fast paced, anger driven seven track EP. However with all the tracks around the two minute mark, we blast through the EP at a warp speed for a mere sixteen minutes.

The line up of the band includes Jack Stevens taking his frustration out on the drums, Robert Lee providing a constant howl of angry screams, James Raisbeck providing the groove on the bass and Luke Merriman and Dave Habgood responsible for the chugging guitars.

I must admit that although Robert's vocals reminded me a little of Ivan Moody, from Five Finger Death Punch, he only blasted out a constant dose of screams and anger fuelled growls; and this relentless attack leaves the vocal patterns very similar between songs and frankly I feel that it loses the required impact. Barr a couple of songs, the vocal patterns are so similar that it is sometimes hard to distinguish between different tracks. Unfortunately this is not helped by the fact that it is hard to understand the vocals without referring to the lyrics on the insert.

The rest of the band is very tight and there are a few tasty licks, but nothing overly complicated. There are some interesting time signature changes and a few nice breakdowns giving the album almost a metalcore feel at times.

If you are into short sharp, screamo, punk fuelled hardcore music, this is the one for you.

I will add that the sound of cracking a can of beer on the last track made me thirsty.