This Rockabilly Punk Stinks

It is always important to provide your band with a good and appropriate name. When you're in a punk band who doesn't give a shit the range is exponentially increased. If you chose to name your band after canine excrement you are bound to turn some heads. I was really looking forward to reviewing this EP purely based upon the name. I truly didn't expect to enjoy it as much as I did in the end.

The 'Dogshite EP' blasts through three songs, all around the three minute mark in true punk fashion. Short, sharp and never sweet. The three tracks are totally different in sound and it may be sung by three different members of the band as far as I could tell.

I didn't know anything about the band, and after listening to the Dogshite EP and reading the press release, I know nothing more; except that I enjoyed it! As a matter of fact, my only real criticism here is against the promoter. Don't get me wrong here. I do get the whole 'punk' concept of an unmarked CD-ROM disk sent in a paper wallet with a badly photocopied press release; but include some information on the band please. This is a basic schoolboy error. No website, band member details or any other signaficant information about Dogshite was included.

Google delivered some interesting sites and Google Images even worse; but I finally found them on MySpace. Yes you guessed it, www.myspace.com/dogshite. My extensive research in dogshite on the internet discovered that the London based punk band consists of Guy Mcaffer, Chris Liberator, Carmel (aka Tiddles) and David on drums. I learned a few other general things about the topic, but we won't go into that.

The EP kicks off with Tiddles providing the vocals on 'You Can't Control My Freedom', which is best described as having a punk "Pulp Fiction" sound with a little bit of a L7 sound on the vocals. It is foot tapping, easy listening punkabilly with catchy riffs and vocals. 'Thingymijig' follows the same trend, and is a true late 70's style punk song with vocals and lyrics obviously strongly influenced by Ian Dury, and thoroughly blended with a Rockabilly sound. It tells of a great little story that happens to most of us with lyrics providing a smile on your face. The final track, 'Affirmative', is more early 70's punk with simple lyrics and guitar chords. It is just straight bang-in-your-face punk. Simples.

The only good note I have on the press release was the frank closing paragraph , delivered with true punk honesty, "Hope you like it, and if you don't..get stuffed! Bye, bye.....". To be honest, I actually feel the same way.

The Dogshite EP will be release on vinyl on the 6th December through Beetroot records (and not "yourfacemyarse records" as noted on MySpace). This will be a limited edition 10" vinyl each with a stencil sprayed sleeve. At 6 it's worth getting, me thinks. I will have to get the old record player out of the loft and dust off some Blockhead albums in anticipation of the release.