Guitar driven, husky voiced, smoky pub rock and roll

Straight Razor Angels is a Yorkshire based three piece providing some easy listening rockabilly grooves supported by laid back smoky vocals. The band consists of Vegas on the guitar and vocals, Eddie Cleaver on the bass and vocals; and Deezel Keeble on the drums and vocals.

There is a clear undercurrent of influences expressed over the ten tracks, but they do not limit their songs to one sound or even genre for that matter and provided a cross genre album. My first thoughts were AC/DC, but this was way to limiting and only an initial thought. The band is quite simply providing rockabilly punk rock and with influences gathered from bands such as Motorhead, The Clash, Jonny Cash and The Doors.

Vocals are apparently provided by all three members, but I could only distinguish between two of them. The guitars are delivered with simple and straightforward punkabilly groove whilst the bass is plucked in the background and the drums pumping at a solid beat. Polish your wing tip shoes, grease the ducktail and grab your leather jacket on the way out; we're bopping tonight.

I must admit I didn't get the name of the band and was a little concerned that I was loaded up with some Straight Edge band, however I don't think so any longer, and if they are, I missed it.

The album kicks off with 'On the Pull' and I immediately pictured a jukebox being played in an anonymous truck stop, somewhere on a desert highway in the states. The smoky vocals flows through the album and accompanied with groovy bass lines and classic rock 'n roll guitar licks and solid drum tempo. By the time 'Dirty Hotel' kicks in, we are grooving with the foot tapping consistent; and reminding me a bit of The Doors. My other favourite is 'Bad Apple'. The vocals are cleaner and groovier. Again there is a strong Doors influence here and a background loop reminding me a lot of Depeche Mode. The smoky vocals return on 'Don't Need You' and is blended with some ska and alternated with 50's style Rock and Roll licks. By the time we get to 'Bad Times' we have picked up the beat and entered the realms of speed rock associated with the likes of Motorhead. Wrapping the album up with some more foot tapping punkabilly.

Straight Razor Angels provided us with a fun filled rockabilly album with a dark undercurrent.