Etherial and grounded all in one

Montagna & The Mouth To Mouth give us two contrasting songs on their self-released single 'Ultrapolyamorous'.

The first lead by male vocals the other by female, main singer/songwriter Jason Montagna shows there is a diverse yet collaborative talent to this group of seven musicians; one that produces two unique songs without losing an underlying sound that identifies the music as theirs.

'Ultrapolyamorous' is steady and stable making full use of guitars and vocals to provide a full bodied song while 'At Full Speed' is faster in tempo and more urgent in it's nature. Both tracks provide a spacey winding counterpoint to the initial melody, setting the scene and sound for music to get lost in.

Montagna & The Mouth To Mouth blend the etherial with grounded beats offering an intriguing experience with their sound. This is for fans of bands such as The Pixies and Mazzy Star with the added kick of a bit more rock.