Gorgeous single from the American singer-songwriter

It has been an interesting decade for New York-based musician Nina Nastasia, having grown to cult popularity and seen the release of six albums, one with Australian drummer Jim White. 'You Can Take Your Time' is the second single to be released from Nina Nastasia's 2010 album, 'Outlaster' and certainly matches the standards of her previous single 'Cry, Cry, Baby'.

Four minutes and forty-eight seconds may not sound long enough to provide an emotional journey, but surprisingly, 'You Can Take Your Time' is a glorious musical experience with some beautiful harmonic and dynamic twists along the way. Although Nastasia is a competent guitar player and possesses a stunning voice, it is the fantastic supporting string ensemble that leaves you breathless. In an age where all commercial music seems to be artificially auto-tuned to give it a Hollywood sheen, it is inspiring to hear instruments in their natural beauty. The resulting intimacy is invaluable to Nastasia's music and provides a revitalizing sense of authenticity.

Accompanying B-side 'One Turned In' marks a strong contrast, stripping away the fanciful orchestrations and leaving Nastasia with only her voice and guitar. Passionately sung, the delicate ballad is a pleasant addition to the singer-songwriter's new single and differs significantly from the expansive nature of 'You Can Take Your Time'.

The American folk musician has a refreshingly contemporary edge to her sound, yet still maintains a musical identity that is widely accessible. If you have not yet had the pleasure of experiencing Nina Nastasia's music, 'You Can Take Your Time' would be a wonderful introduction.