Goth punk/art rock in your face track

Welcome to the art rock world of Brighton's The Gaa Gaa's, not to be confused with sleaze rock The GaGas (currently known as Slaves to Gravity). What we have with this single, "Voltaire" is a dash through the goth punk scene with yelping vocals and a loosely plucked pouting baseline. This is a snarling curled lip of a song but rather than feeling like true feral anger it more closely resembles a teenage strop set to echoing instrumentals.

This is definitely a dirty feeling track. You do end up feeling a little scuzzy after a listen and unfortunately, whilst the in your face vocals remain in your brain, it's because of the headache they induce rather than for any real melodic infectiousness. This track resembles a gothic version of The Rapture and fans of emo/goth lite tracks will find merit in this track though there is little on offer to truly get the juices flowing to make the excitement levels rise.