Two out of three releases

'This is Our Way Out' is the second Ep in the trilogy being released by Brighton five piece Goodluck Jonathan'.

The manor in which alternative rock is combined with an array of indie vibes certainly works wonders for Goodluck Jonathan and it creates a remarkably powerful and melodic release. It opens with 'Fatman', a commanding song that explodes with guitar melodies and an electric atmosphere. Following this is 'Fall of America', a track that incorporates the indie side of the music a great deal more than the opening tune. This side of the band doesn't make as much of an impression as the opener, but those segments of the track that do move towards a more alternative angle do so well. Like its processor, 'Back to the Wall' leans towards a more indie sound, however does have an underpinning alternative edge in the background. The concluding tune on the release is 'Away From Here' which is slower than the other three tracks, but remains just as powerful.

The blending of alternative rock and indie works well for Goodluck Jonathan and they seem to have the balance between the two genres in their favour.