Back Bigger And Better Than Ever

Wakey, wakey rise and shine, those enfants terrible of Manchester are back, and they have an album you should at least listen to. But this is more than just a wake up call, this is Oasis rediscovering their rock and roll roots and the album is a tribute to that. If you aren't tapping in rhythm at first you will be by the end of the album. It is hard to believe that it is over ten years since "Definitely Maybe" hit the records shops and changed our perception of modern rock and roll. That was a defining album and once again Oasis have produced a defining album that they can be proud of.

The album has a ballsy opening with "Turn Up The Sun", very reminiscent of previous opening songs on Oasis' albums. This is a very solidly written song by Andy Bell and the vocals by Liam sound as if he is singing with conviction. Fuelled by Jack Daniels, and an old organ bought on ebay, Noel wrote "Mucky Fingers", which really shows the influence of Velvet Underground. Noel originally had wanted this to be the first single from the album, and I have to agree that it is one of the best tracks presented.

"Lyla", the first single from the album, is probably not the best track here, with "The Importance of Being Idle" being a fantastic song written by Noel. The lyrics are magnificent and this wouldn't have looked out of place on "Definitely Maybe" or even "What's The Story Morning Glory".

"Love Like A Bomb", "The Meaning Of Soul" and "Guess God Thinks I'm Abel" have been written by Liam. "Love Like A Bomb" sounds like it is very heavily influenced by the Beatles, and Liam said that he was thing of "Julie fucking Christie" at the time of writing the song. Where as "Guess God Thinks I'm Abel" is about a conversation Liam has with God, in a pub, who tells Liam that he is Abel. Great track, and thank God for the British Boozer!

The album closes with a Noel written track "Let There Be Love", this is a beautiful song, that is sung both by Noel and Liam. It is such a fitting end to what is a fantastic album.

Oasis are back, and this long awaited album is one of the best albums they have ever done. This will not disappoint the fans, Oasis are back kicking arses, playing Rock and Roll.