Still tilting at windmills

Oxford four piece Dive Dive are perhaps unfairly better known these days as three quarters of Frank Turners touring band. Having pursued that role for much of the last few years it's to their credit that they have still managed to record two albums themselves in that time.

'Liar' is the title track of this five song EP and is pretty characteristic of the Dive Dive sound. It's indie with an edge, a touch of early 80s mod coupled with elements of post hardcore. Singer Jamie Stuart has quite a flat sounding voice but that's by no means a criticism, it works well for this style of music with its sparse but effective production. It's a catchy, up beat sing along number that drives along well and sets the tone for the new album. The guitars are cutting, the melody simple but with just enough to make it engaging and whilst it's not a speeding rampage it has a hard and urgent edge to the delivery that really appeals.

If anything the following tracks have a little more in the way of dynamics but that merely highlights strength in depth and the fact that these four tracks are taken from previous releases gives any new listeners an immediate introduction to the back catalogue.

Album number three ('Potential') is already on the shelves and 'Liar' makes a good case for checking it out.