Headling in the right direction...

Around this time last year Scottish trio He Slept On 57 was getting positive feedback from Room Thirteen for their EP 'Turn Your Back On All We Know'. One year later and the band are releasing new material on a record called "A Glow From The Night Light".

This six track EP is certainly a development in the right direction for the band. As it consists of many more tracks there is much more material to get to grips with and get a real feel for what He Slept On 57 are aiming to create with their music. Each and every one of the lyrically inviting numbers can be enjoyed for their upbeat and poppy guitar vibes, something to move to freely. It is the more matured, alternative and heavier rock moments, those that are tougher, intensified and have a sound that could really shake the speakers, that make for something worth listening to. These moments gradually increase through each of the tracks to the point in 'Clark Bent' upon which they really explode, everything comes crashing down at this point - the passion, energy, eagerness, enthusiasm and rock star magnitude are incredible.

Vocally these songs are strong, they are dominant yet do not overpower the music or get over powered by it. If it is something slower or something with a quicker step that the vocals need, they are able to keep up with the pace and the needs of each track. The harmonies that progress are likewise just as enjoyable.

Upon listening to He Slept On 57 for the first time, you can literally visualise them playing some small London venues such as the Camden Barfly or the Underworld. However these guys create a sound that will stick with you and you will want to hear more. This is a sound that three years down the line will have them heading for and headlining the O2 Islington Academy, the HMV Forum and eventually the Hammersmith Apollo...five years down the line, watch out Wembley here they come!