Catchy Pop-rock

The Portland four piece continues the promise of their 2010 full length "The Spotless Mind" with another solid release, this time in the form of a four track EP which is again full of their excellent super poppy, melodic rock songs with intricate, mathy guitars. The tunes here are just as anthemic, just as catchy and if possible, more uplifting and with tracks like the excellent opener 'Mouse Trap' which soars and chugs in equal measure and 'Vagabond' on which the guitar climbs over and over in impressive waves we're treated to yet another of their seemingly endless pot of catchy tunes. Finally there's the brilliant closing track, 'She Taught Me Minesweeper' which is a master class in how to write a pop-rock tune and demands you sing along and bounce around like a nutter; it's a challenge not to like this record, we dare you to try.