Prog-Trash.. Is that legal?

Even the title of this EP, "Through the Eyes of Madness", screams out Iron Maiden, and to have this released by what is proclaimed to be one of the most promising British Thrash Metal bands, is bound to be an interesting trip.

Hailing from Ipswich, England, Elimination was formed in 2007 and released their previous album, "Destroyed by Creation" in 2010 through Rising Records. This was described as one of the best Thrash Metal albums of 2010 and got them signed to Transcend Music. The "Through the Eyes of Madness" EP was released ahead of their main support slot for EVILE on their forthcoming UK Tour.

The EP kicks off with 'My Own Enemy', which, with heavy, galloping riffs, reminded me a lot of the early Metallica days, but when the vocalist, Neil Stevens, starts belting out the lyrics, the whole dynamics of the song changes, sounding a lot more like Tom Araya (Slayer). I did feel that they ran out of steam halfway through the track as it lacked a bit of oomph that comes natural to the likes of Slayer. However, the song is rescued by an awesome guitar solo delivered by guitarists Daz Abbott and Dave Spicer. The rhythm section with Justin Smith on bass and James Last on drum is also solid and contributes to a generally good song. The decision to close out with an octave skipping, high pitched wail, that would make Rob Halford blush, may not be easily accepted by hardcore Thrash Metal fans and I felt it seemed a bit out of place.

My favourite track on this EP is the second song, 'Prisoner of Tomorrow'. It starts at a fast, neck breaking pace and the music is as tight as a ducks ass. It has all the components of a solid metal song with great solos, awesome breakdown, haunted vocals and very Maiden influenced Thrash Metal but with a strange twist of Prog. I guess that makes it Prog-Trash. Unfortunately we have another ball-squeezing Halford wail, but give it some time and I might get used to it. Closing out with a galloping instrumental, 'Prisoner of Tomorrow' is spot-on.

The final track on this EP is the epic 'Destroyed by Creation', which was the title track of the well received album released in 2010. With a fast, thrash intro and vocals it also has a slight TradMetal feel to it. It is again filled with great solo's and breakdown; and with a solid, fast paced outro.

This was the first time I've listened to Elimination, but I have the feeling they probably provide an awesome live performance. The supersonic wails will take some getting used to in Thrash Metal, but the truth is that it contributes to what is a very original British Trash Metal EP. Elimination can not be criticised for making the mistake so many young Trash bands make and become just another Slayer covers band or Metallica sound-alike. We can be proud of unique British artists such as Elimination that makes metal so enjoyable and different to mass produced, similar sounding commercial music of today. m/