Ex Libras: 'Teenage Eyes'

Sometimes when you listen to a track it conjures a vivid image in your head. It's one of the unique powers of music. As soon as we heard the chilling piano intro of Ex-Libra's latest single, 'Teenage Eyes' it was like turning the TV on to get on a channel halfway through an arthouse film. A scene is mid-flow where the central character has discovered a harrowing truth. The musicality of this track is so rich that it could easily drive the narration of an emotive soundtrack.

Classical guitar, cello and a haunting tinkling from the keys are juxtaposed with electronic whirring and beats. Top this off with a tortured soul battling it's way out through a beautiful vibrato tinged voice, and voila! The track screams 'Radiohead' at you 'til it needs a sit down and a breather.

'Teenage Eyes' is not merely like a knock-off you find down the market, under the title 'Wadiowead' or something. There are flavours in there that fans of Massive Attack might like, particularly the trip-hop electronica that becomes the heartbeat of the track. Despite these comparisons, Ex Libras have produced something really rather beautiful; a song laden with intrigue and soul. This should certainly be celebrated as a stand-alone triumph as well.