Fruits of Labour

The Paddingtons have been working hard over the last year. Their name seems to have cropped up on line-ups all over the country.
Consequently it seems they've slowly been inching up the music ladder. Doing it the old fashioned way: gigging their way into the charts and onto people's radar.

"Panic Attack" is the first single from an as yet untitled debut album. Released next week it will coincide nicely with their inclusion on Carling's 24 hour gig on the 30th April where The Paddingtons find themselves performing alongside Pete Doherty's reincarnate act Babyshambles. For The Paddingtons, this has to be a choice gig. Shamble's fans will find something comfortingly familiar in their Libertine-esque stylings. "Panic Attack" has the messy dirgyness that you'd expect from any half decent British band, yet it sits right in with the influx of US bands in the charts. In particular it has a very "Strokes" edge sounding almost like an early offering from the New York band, from when they were quite good.

Don't get me wrong...I don't think "Panic Attack" will cement The Paddingtons inclusion in the Hall of Fame....but alongside their arduous grafting, they should be well on the way to becoming a household name.