No Contest

There is a universal truth in the saying that 'the rarer something is, the more it is worth'. Those haughty, bloated, plaid wearing experts on the Antiques Roadshow all agree that that 14th century Ming vases and childhood scribbles of dachshunds drawn by Renoir are priceless as there are so few in existence. The same can be said of records: the fewer the pressings and they harder they are to come by, their value skyrockets.

But its not just the fact that the HNMTF VS Voo split has a limited release of just 300 hand-numbered CDs that adds to its value: it's the fact that it's bloody good.

North Carolina's Hammer No More The Fingers efforts are, as always, reliably assured: 'Blanko Basnet' has a tight, steady drive, as well as some frankly bizarre lyrics: 'Here's the cabbage, where's the onions?", whilst 'Star Taste' is undeniably groove laden, in the best possible way - think less 70's porn soundtrack and more early 90's alt-groove.

But it is Liverpool's Voo that is the real surprise of the EP. The instrumental 'Schnick Schnack Schnuck' is 4:37 of just the most gloriously affirming blanket of noise, ramping itself up into an almighty 'na na na na' climax. Closer 'Pages' is again wondrously melodic in construct, with some sweetly sung vocals this time and does not suffer with the all-too-familiar affliction of indie rock bands in being too saccharine on the ears.

You may not be able to present this split to an antiques expert in years to come and expect millions in return, but for those who take these two bands to their hearts and adore, this EP it is priceless.