Straight forward sleaze rock

The Lincoln based sleaze rockers have been making a lot of noise lately. Originally formed back in 2005 Knock Out Kaine consists of Dean Foxx on vocals, Jim Bohemian on the guitars, L.F.B. on the bass and Danny Krash on drums; and clearly with names like that we know we can expect some solid 80's cock rock and they look the piece. The "Kandykaine" EP is proof that they can also deliver this.

The self-released EP provides a taste of the bands versatility with tracks ranging from stadium filling anthem rock to traditional 80's ballad; and stopping off at a filthy whiskey bar along the way with all the tracks complimented with obligatory guitar solos.

'Little Crystal' touches on pseudo drug themes, whilst 'Coming Home' reminds me of a Guns and Roses ballad from the "Use Your Illusion" era. This is all wrapped up by AC/DC fuelled, stadium filling sleazy rock and roll.

With their straight forward cock rock Knock Out Kaine blasts us back to the 80's. They have achieved so much in the the last few years, being voted Kerrang! best live and unsigned band 2007/2008 and have recently completed an UK and European tour with ex Guns N Roses drummer's Adlers Appetite; and are rumoured to play at Download 2011.

Roomthirteen heads up - Watch this space.