It wouldn't be garage punk rock if it weren't loud and abusive

What has popular music come to? If any component from the trusted guitar/bass/drums/vocals formula is ever omitted from the typical rock band setup, we immediately raise an eyebrow, often casting doubt as to whether the band can function sufficiently. Yet after sampling this fourteen minute EP, it is evident that vocalist Allister Gall, guitarist Tom Richardson and drummer Ben Turner certainly have the matter comfortably under control, despite the absence of a bassist. Damerels are not scared to do things differently and thank goodness for that!

The 'Desperation' EP commences with 'Female Suggestion;' the English threesome boiling with intensity from the off. The vocals are unyieldingly forceful and the guitar is expectantly vigorous. Topped off with hammering drums, the garage punk rock personality is fully formed and the EP seems destined to follow on consistently. However when the EP reaches 'Violent Lovers,' it immediately takes a turn for the better. The energy levels continue to simmer, yet the quirky harmonic style excitingly emanates originality. This does not mean that the return to the typical garage rock style for 'She'll Wear A Mask' is unwelcome, it is just not as imposing. Finishing with the EP's title track 'Desperation,' Damerels depart having left a noteworthy imprint. The aforementioned peculiarity experienced is touched upon again, but the band's unfailing charisma is understandably gifted top priority.

By all means, do crank this EP up to eleven on your music player of choice, but do not cast final judgement until you have exposed yourself to these four tracks of the 'Desperation' EP at a live performance. This release from the Plymouth –based trio is an adequate attempt, but you leave with the impression that the recorded medium just does not really do the band justice.