Insidiously Exciting

Newcastle quintet, XisForEyes, raised a lot of interest with their 2008 EP "Absolute Corporeal Besmirchment", released on the now sadly deceased Foot And Mouth Records; expect them to follow that up with their new extended player "Insidious Existentialism".

"Insidious Existentialism" is basically the perfect example of why the British Deathcore scene is on resurgence. All five tracks are brutish from Luke Moffat's vocals all the way to Kory Aitchison killing his drums. However, if that was all XisForEyes had in their locker then they would be just one of the many bands on the scene, thankfully for the Newcastle boys they can play and not afraid to show. The keyboards right from the start of 'The Sermon' giving the track an eerie edge, the guitar solo cameos on 'The Ark' and 'The Crow Road', not being afraid to play a little slower on 'The Ark' and the backing vocal chants on 'Telos' all add that little extra that make XisForEyes stand out from the crowd.

There is plenty to love, not just for Deathcore fans but metal heads in general. The future is Insidiously exciting for these guys.