Brit Indie Rock

"Spell It Out" is the Coventry indie-rockers debut full length album. The band has a radio friendly sound, easy on the ear, melodic and very British; keeping their accents honest and their tunes simple but danceable adds to their appeal and recently supporting Ocean Colour Scene has probably done wonders for their fan base (along with support from the likes of NME and Radio1's Zane Lowe) . There are plenty of catchy tracks on the record; 'Hazy Days' is very charming and summery (reminiscent of The Coral) 'Come Back To Me' is faster and more forceful showing their rockier side nicely.

The album as a whole is heavy on the guitars and has a good mix of upbeat indie and heavier, darker tracks like Starting To Fly which builds to a loud and rugged climax but they also try their hand successfully at slow more emotive numbers like closer 'Sing A Song For Me'. What the band does best is their fast and melodic numbers; the catchy anthem that is 'Six Years, Three Weeks' which cracks along and shows off some solid guitar skills is a great example, along with album opener 'Somebody Save Me' which has a big rousing chorus.

This is a solid record, not particularly reinventing the wheel but pleasant, full of great melodies and nice riffs; just uncomplicated and danceable indie rock which hits the spot if you're in the mood to bop around like a nutter.