Do the Texan pop-punkers have a h-h-h-hit on their hands?

During the recording of their soon-to-be-released album 'Fishin' for Woos', Bowling for Soup frontman Jaret Reddick uploaded a video to YouTube in which he claimed that a stutter is a valuable songwriting technique. It worked for artists such as George Michael and Duran Duran, but does it work for the Texan quartet?

With references to Ozzy Osbourne and The Beatles, it seems Bowling for Soup are retaining the use of popular culture references that helped to make former hits '1985' and 'High School Never Ends' so well-liked. Alcohol, girls and rock 'n' roll unsurprisingly occupy the content of the song, set to simple but effective chord progressions that serve their purpose perfectly well. As if a party with this foursome was not enough to bring a smile to your face, the band are joined by former Letters to Cleo vocalist Kay Hanley and bubblegum punk trio The Dollyrots, who supply gang vocals and a genuine sense of celebration.

'S-S-S-Saturday' may not be hugely innovative, but it wields an abundance of fun. The application of the stutter technique is greatly effective, with the songwriting team of Reddick and Linus of Hollywood (collectively known as 'Jarinus') also to thank for the enchanting lyricism. Bowling for Soup have entertained us for many years and based on the charm of 'S-S-S-Saturday,' this is not set to change anytime soon!