Solid melodies

An ear for a catchy melody and some great arrangements make this a solid record from David Waldner. These are well put together indie tunes, often though a touch of the theatrical shines through, making things more interesting and reminding one of Rufus Wainwright. Even vocally sometimes the similarity is there in the tone of his voice, especially on the more rocky tracks like 'Too much Of You' where the instrumentation is more varied and he gets the opportunity to let rip, complemented by the sound of brass and piano.

Folk influenced numbers also make an appearance; 'Heaven Only Knows' is more minimal and has great harmonies and acoustic guitar; still even here the melody is strong and there are some nice little touches in the background. Keyboard is a driving force on 'Found And Lost' along with electric guitar and strategic chord changes, giving the whole tune has a 70s feel. The catchy, poppy numbers tend to be the ones you remember the most, tracks like 'Undone' which trots along with a bouncy beat and has you nodding along in agreement in no time. Closer 'This Wonderful Pain' brings all the elements of the record together; a soft beginning complemented by strings then a build to a memorable, anthemic chorus backed by brass.

Along with the variety on offer, Waldner has a lovely tone to his voice which gives the record a rich quality, the instrumentation and arrangements are great and as a whole the album flows well; easily digestible, gently rocky, slightly poppy indie tunes with melodies that hold your interest throughout.