Dreary and forced

New single 'Bayonet' from Damn Vandals opens with the statment "If this is war go get the bayonet", setting the scene for a gloomy track. Continuing with "if this is... then..." style verses and a chorus that states "if this is love kill me now so I can love for all time", the lyrics come across a tad forced.

From the beginning Jack Kansas's voice sets the tone, dripping with angst and pain, before the guitars pick up the melody. Their wailing adding an eerie mix to the song, making the lyrics seem even darker and nastier. But the end result is a fairly bland song and nothing on the track really stands out.

The band are all about the videos and yet the one they've created for 'Bayonet' is a style we've seen before and ultimately is as uninteresting as the song.

Damn Vandals clearly have an ability to pen a tune, but it's not one that's going to make them stand out.