Beautifully angry

Octaves hardcore sound effortlessly mixes the jagged dissonance of math-core guitars with killer melodies and emotionally raw screams for a beautifully angry record. Immediately bringing to mind the manic math-core of Dillinger Escape Plan and the melodic weight of ("You Come Before You" era) Poison The Well, "Greener Pastures" is a passionate call to angsty arms backed by technically skilled off kilter, jagged guitars and a host of interesting riffs.

The album opener is an absolute corker; 'Fix The Fernback' takes off immediately with a full on blast of hardcore screaming and nasty guitars, the melodies on this track are brilliant, the addition of female vocals is a nice touch (Allyson Little lends her talents) and the riffs are genuinely hooky. A slow, moody start to 'Be Angry At The Sun For Setting On A Set Of Sons' sets a dark tone carried throughout the track and those technical guitars are really given room to breathe towards the end. 'I've Got Boxes Full Of Pepe' is a short sharp hit of aggression, 'Anaconda Squeeze' has some brilliant woozy guitar and 'I'm Just Going To The Corner [...]' is awash with distortion.

The Baltimore mob are a talented lot and they've pulled together a record that should be a sure fire winner with hardcore fans "Greener Pastures" is aggressive with inventive guitar work, subtle, fractured melodies and powerful vocals, it has a combination of nasty and interesting that keeps it fresh and they make the whole thing seem so easy.