ODi - Maslow's Songbook

'Maslow's Songbook' is the debut album release from Irish singer/songwriter ODi and features violinist Com Mac. Recorded in Dingle, County Derry and produced by Karl Odlum, the album has been play listed on Irish National radio RTE-1 and has seen ODi named in the top 3 Female Vocalists in the FATEA Magazine awards.

The album gets off to a great start with 'Red Light' with it's light (though full band) backing and a soft rock feel with a hint of folk to the song. Very reminiscent of Stevie Nick's, ODis voice is clear with a tinge of emotion. The likeness doesn't stop there as the song as a whole could have easily been penned and performed by Fleetwood Mac. The Fleetwood Mac sound continues on the very next song, 'Something Beautiful'. Here, there's a saddening of the vocals and but the interest is kept with the emotional changes and the solid production.

After the marvelous 'Red Light', the mood changed, 'Something Beautiful' was not quite expected but fitted in nicely. Disappointingly the mood seldom dragged itself up again. There are highlights though; ODi showing her unmistakable talents and vocal range on 'Real To Me', the up-tempo and slightly Country influenced 'I'm Done' and the catchy 'Leaving My Love In New York'.

The piano features on many songs, particularly on 'Make It Better' and 'You Can't Have It All', the latter sounding very similar to a young Joan Baez. 'Lonely Ballerina' is worth a mention for its eerie, haunting atmospheres and lamenting vocals. ODi has a great voice and her writing talents cannot be questioned though I feel that she should experiment more with up-tempo rhythms and a fuller band sound. The rest of the album (including the last five songs) seems to delve deeper and deeper into moody emotion and it all becomes a little too depressing; it all becomes too much of an emotional overload. Overall, ODi has a great voice and can write some fine songs but the emotional overload proves too depressing.