Taking Back Sunday - Faith (When I Let You Down)

'Faith (When I Let You Down)' is the latest single from Taking Back Sunday and comes from their forthcoming self-titled album. The song has a more upbeat feel than most of their previous songs and the renewed energy really suits them. Though lyrically not straying too far away from their usual offerings, with a hint of the dark, this single adds a twist to the type of material that was on their first album. The song is catchy, punchy and memorable and should see the band being noticed by a wider audience.
The second track on the CD is 'El Paso', which is a heavier, rock-tinged affair with screaming vocals accompanying the screaming guitar. Finally, there is an acoustic version of their hit single Great Romances Of The 20th Century, from their 'Tell All Your Friends' album. Here, the mood is downbeat and Lazzara's vocals have some interesting backing from the rest of the band. I found this departure was a little too distracting from what had come before.