I Am In Love- 'I Want You'

I Am In Love's 'I Want You' has the original as well as two mixes on this single release- I'm not sure I want it quite that much. One thing's for sure, and that's if you went to one of their shows you could definitely catch on and be able to partake in a little singalong.

If we try to cast these vocals aside and look at the instrumental qualities then it makes things a little clearer. Taking influence from folk like Prince and Foals (forget the gaping chasm that lies between the two- I know the trusty rope bridge has been cut but I Am In Love have found an alternative route and you won't even get eaten by crocodiles.) there is plenty of swelling, atmospheric, almost lounge electronica that's really rather pleasing to the ear.

As the rhythms build there are really tasty flashes of dreamy synth but your experience is just a little hindered by off-putting revolution of merry-go-round lyrics. Erm... that's just a metaphor by the way. I Am In Love don't sound like a fairground.