Experimental rock

This review will undoubtedly make full use of words like scuzzy, jagged, experimental and the like as that's what Gum Takes Tooth's manic waves of intense noise, using home made electronica, distorted vocals and guitar, wring from you as you listen. The tunes on the duo's debut album are dirty and fuzzy and occasionally verge on eerie; tunes like 'The Earth's Mantle Colonised' bring to mind The Butthole Surfers but are perhaps less melodic than those Texan noise-rockers.

"Silent Cenotaph" by virtue of its warbling, distortion has a psychedelic edge but this is taken to extremes and overdoses on pure noise at times, making it feel like a sonic stream of consciousness. Then amongst the intensity you have what appear on the surface to be more focussed tracks, 'Nomad/Monad' in particular is percussion heavy and tamed by structured beats. The addictive beats of 'Tannkjott' are another standout moment; heavy duty rhythms power the track and force you to move along with them, electro squidges and distorted, barely recognisable vocals round out a brilliant track.

Do we need to say that this probably won't be to all tastes? Probably not if you've made it this far into the review but if you do like experimental noise rock then with anything from acid house to metal and scuzzy washes of noise on offer there is sure to be something to pique your interest. This is of course a challenging record but there is so much going on that you continue to hear something new on every play through and that also makes it very satisfying.