Solid British Rock 'n' Roll

Initially you'd be forgiven for assuming Heavens Basement are just another generic rock band. The composition, style and vocals of the title track of their latest EP, 'Unbreakable', are something we've heard far too often lately, BUT there is something else in there. Something in the melodic changes, something in the hooky guitars, something in Aaron Buchanan's voice that catches your attention. It's the subtle undertones that make Heavens Basement stand out from the crowd; and as you experience the EP (yes it is an experience) you discover just how diverse and talented this band really is.

Each track showcases a different side of the band and they make it crystal clear they are well on the way to being masters of their craft, excelling at a myriad of styles while keeping a common thread in the nuances of melody that stamp each track as their own.

'The Long Goodbye' is a pure rock track with muted verses building to soaring choruses that just beg you to sing along. 'Close Encounters' exposes us to their melodic side with the weaving vocals taking control in the verses, supported by solid beats and wailing guitars.

'Paranoia' is a song filled with sounds that rub on your senses, indeed giving you that edgy feeling of paranoia. 'Let Me Out Of Here' is a balladic song that any rock band would be proud of, evoking memories of some of the masters of this genre yet still remaining fresh and new. The EP closes with 'Leeches', a short sharp upbeat number filled with growly verses and screechy choruses, it's simply a bucketload of fun.

An EP full of surprises Heavens Basement are proof positive that British rock is alive and kicking; and they're ready to take on the world.