Huron- Mary Celeste

Plymouth based Huron are one of Britain's most anticipated Metal acts in terms of their potential. Their first album received plenty of good press, and they even got the appraisal of Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson, and now they're back with their second album; "Mary Celeste".

The title track reminds me a lot of Cancer Bats with a splash of DevilDriver, this four minute track assaults your ears with music carnage, but it's epic! The perfect choice for the title track.

Riffs are heavy, loud and fast consistently throughout the 10 tracks on here, but I do find them a bit and miss. There are some awesome tracks on here, and some distinctly average ones. Musically you can hear they're talented, but some songs seem to be lacking something in the structure or vocals.

'Sepentswine' has a terrific intro, and 'All My Gods' is great, but bar those two and the title track, nothing really leaps out at me from this album. The whole album is brutal and hard hitting, but sometimes I feel the band lose sense of their own identity and they could easily find themselves becoming lost in a sea of English metal bands, with nothing distinguishable from anyone of them. That being said, there's no doubt in my mind that each and every one of the songs on "Mary Celeste" has the potential to become a mosh pit anthem.

One of the main problems with Huron is that their good songs have very similar guitar parts. Kind of odd and distorted, with a bit of fancy riffing thrown in to keep things interesting, it would be nice to see them create a solid song without using the tried and tested recipe.

I can understand the hype surrounding these guys, the potential is certainly there, but I don't think they've found their way just yet. However, they have plenty of room to build on their impressive foundations. It would be a shame to see them just disappear, because if nothing more, they do showcase exactly they the metal scene is thriving right now.