Beautifully Constructed Post-Rock

"The Courage To Start Again" is ...And Stars Collide's debut full length and the follow up to their 2009 self-titled EP. It sees them on fine form and thankfully still producing beautifully melodic, sweeping instrumental soundscapes of epic proportions.

Album opener, 'Corridors' is a very tuneful affair, the guitars carrying the melody which eventually breaks down into more complex, progressive and meaty riffs in the closing moments. 'When Our Eyes First Met' begins its aural assault immediately with an intense beginning of crashing drums and soaring guitars; this eight minute cracker slips easily from the hugely epic to the subtle and sweet and back again leaving you with shivers. 'Together We Glimpsed The Heavens' is one big build up of delicate and shimmering waves of noise; and as with their 2009 EP even though the tracks are deeply and lushly layered, each instrument is clearly and cleanly defined and those beautiful guitars chime like bells. 'The Sky Weeps And Stars Collide' is brilliantly paced and absolutely roars toward the end with monumental riffs taking the place of the quietly atmospheric moments that preceded it.

The record is, from the melodic head nodding anthems to the delicate spine tingling slow builds, a cohesive and well rounded experience that you want to hear in one sitting. ...A.S.C. always manage to sound fresh and exciting; they do produce classic post-rock epics, yes but they are so lovingly constructed that it feels like the first time you've heard anything like it and you are totally swept away.