Indie-Disco Floor Filler

A danceable indie-pop-rock tune from North Londoners, The Dead Fronts, which has strains of the Kaiser Chiefs about it; this is mainly from the vocal style and the foot stomping beats which make it one of those indie disco, dance-floor filling tunes you'll probably hear a million times on a Saturday night.

That's not to say it's lacking charm in any way, in fact, the single has a warm melody which is catchy and lodges in some corner of your brain to be accessed at random moments throughout the day. There's also a touch of The Young Knives' off-kilterness in the mix, which means that the track has a pleasing quirky edge and doesn't outstay its welcome too quickly. If you fancy a listen, you can get your hands on 'You And Me' on 8th August when it will be released as a free download via Bandcamp .