In Darklight's new EP feels far more cohesive than their debut album, with an obviously developing sound on that debut; they tried to attempt too many sounds and at times it felt a bit jumbled, but here they seem to have nailed it down and have opted for the rock angle (with a touch of indie at times), creating an EP with some nicely poppy tunes, solid twinkling riffs and moments with a chunkier more anthemic feel to them.

Opener 'Slaves' is reminiscent of Coldplay with catchy lead guitar and a melody that soars. 'Turn Your Back' is a bit more heavy duty, again solid riffs but this time more rock and less of the indie. This continues on 'Break', again erring on the heavier side. This is another instantly catchy track with a chorus you can sing along to after just one listen. 'Quickfire' moves between fast pop-rock and slower more classic rock inspired riffs; it's an interesting mix but actually works well. Closing track 'Greenhouse' has a great bass line, uses the keys more heavily for a nice layered backing and chugs along at a swift pace making it very danceable. In Darklight are moving in the right direction on this EP and with more of the same on future releases they could easily soon be a household name.