Manchester mob Jerzey Street Band are very obviously influenced by American Rock, with their sound sitting somewhere between Bruce Springsteen (of course) and Counting Crows and with the steady foot stomping beats and the Americana twang it's hard to tell they're British at all, even down to the American accented vocals. 'Jerzey Girl' is a pretty standard rock song, slick, radio friendly, inoffensive and despite the slow pace, quite danceable, however the problem is that with so many bands claiming an influence to Springsteen in recent years it gets hard to tell these sound-a-likes apart and that instantly affects the way you listen to these tunes.

It's the B side that's the winner though, with more of a warm country edge to it and sounding quite organic with the vocal whoops and whistles in the background it sounds far more fun and relaxed and gets you bobbing your head nicely. Not the most exciting set of tunes, but pleasant enough overall; if they can move away from the Springsteen sound and more into the warm dusty country edge displayed on the B side here they could develop into something more interesting.