S.Y.F.T - New Beginning

Seattle's S.Y.F.T are back with their sophomore album "New Beginning", which is a pretty apt title for that all important second release.

'Ten Tone Brick' is the opening track, a straight down the middle metal song, with a twist of Seattle's famous grunge sound. It's a strong track and a great opener. Next up is 'Scream At Me' which does exactly that; Sean's vocals are impressive over this heavy little number.

'Suicide Kings' is a slightly more aggressive track, a sound that works well for the guys of S.Y.F.T. They have a grungy and under produced metal sound. This is a well produced release, but I feel like you need to see these boys live, to hear them at their best.

'Sold Me Out' has an instant grab, this song is far less metal, and fans of bands like Alter Bridge and Creed would love this tune. They are some brilliant rhythm sections throughout this release and I take my hat off to bassist Eric Sorensen and drummer Nick Switzer. Their work is faultless, and you can't help but get sucked into listening to the bass and drum work on every single track.

'New Beginning' has heaps of energy, it's easy to listen to, and perfectly blends hard-rock and metal. You can hear a range of influences on this release, but if I had to compare S.Y.F.T's sound to one other band, I'd go for Dream Theatre. Those of you who are not into Dream Theatre should not be put of though, there's a whole heap of bands I could draw similarities to.

S.Y.F.T a talented band, and "New Beginning" clearly demonstrates why they've been filling some of Seattle's largest venues with their live show. The band shows a wide appeal, their music is not too hardcore for rock fans and not too soft or mainstream for metal fans.