Dreamy post-rock

Copenhagen five piece The Shaking Sensations produce instrumental post-rock in its purest form; unadulterated epic noise, slow dreamy starts with the tracks building inexorably towards the climax of a rushing wall of sound and of course even at only six tracks the album still breaks 45 minutes in length.

It is mostly very predictable post-rock fare as a result of this formulaic approach. However, it is also very beautifully done with some gorgeous moments like the echoed tremolo guitar on opener 'All That Ever Lives Will Live Forever!', the skilfully woven marching drum beats and rising/falling guitars of 'Home Is Where The Heart Is' and the blissfully melancholic melodic guitars of 'The Obsidian Sea' which also builds to one of the most ear meltingly loud moments on the record.

So The Shaking Sensations aren't really attempting anything new on this record and there is actually very little variation between tracks, with the same template used for each and this may lead the uninitiated listener to call it samey. However there are many nice little touches should you care to invest an hour to sit and listen intently.

Overall this is a beautifully dreamy album and rises to moments of impressive power and noise which enfold you in sweetness and sweep you away. The size of the sound is aided by having two drummers on board; they really do create some huge all encompassing moments. Often as the tracks crash towards and though their inevitable crescendos you can feel your skin prickle as you get lost in the sheer thrill of the intensity of noise and it's this that often draws in fans of the genre and will probably have them repeat playing this album.