I Am The Avalanche - Avalanche United

Earlier this year saw cult post-hardcore heroes The Movielife reform for a string of US shows. Following this short and sweet run front man Vinnie Caruana has now returned to his 'other' band I Am The Avalanche and this month sees the release of their new album "Avalanche United". It is an album so fantastic it is sure to grab people's attention as so much more than merely the side project of The Movielife man.

I Am The Avalanche have a pop punk sound but not pop punk in the sugary day-glo sense that we have got used to in recent years but pounding drums and fuzzy guitars wallop you around the head and then get stuck in there for days with a great pop sensibility that owes more to the likes of Rancid and Bad Religion than Fall Out Boy. Songs such as 'Holy Fuck' and 'The Place You Love is Gone' are just two examples of the band's great song writing skills wrapped up in raw punk energy.

As for Caruana himself he does a great job both in terms of the lyrics he's singing and the vocal delivery of them. As clichéd as it may sound it cannot be argued with that his vocals are full of passion and it is refreshing to hear a singer mean every word that passes his lips. Whether it comes to him addressing dark topics such as a young girl's suicide on 'Dead Friends' or the more upbeat nature of songs such as 'This One's on Me' which is a great camaraderie anthem, his performance is superb throughout.

The overall factor that makes this album so special though is the positive attitude that runs throughout. Living in a world where a lot of alternative music is so negative it's great to hear a band with such a feel good collection of songs. The likes of the rabble rousing album closer of 'Gratitude' and the joyous 'Is This Really Happening' will have you wanting to throw your fists in the air and sing your heart out. By the time the album has closed such a fire has been lit inside you that you feel you can take on the world. Avalanche United is the sound of an album saying that things in the world could be better but we're all in it together so let's have a good time and it would be rude not to join them.